Audio-Books December 6, 2018 01:42

The R' Shmuel Kunda website would like to introduce more great listening products, in the form of audio-books!

 Yes you heard right, audio-books! Brought to you by A Maggid's Market . Discover a whole new way to enjoy a great book! Listen to a wonderfully narrated book , such as "The Count of Coucy" By Rabbi Marcus (Meir) Lehmann, among other famous titles. Please accept this invitation to stop by and hear a book tell its story!



Books from R' Shmuel Kunda May 26, 2017 11:21

        The Royal Rescue - Judaica Press - 1

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Welcome! You and your family can enjoy a great Rabbi Shmuel Kunda story! We do apologize if it takes you a minute to find your way around  and you may have to create a new  account. You may be pleasantly surprised by how convenient it can be to purchase an album. We also hope that this site, be"H, will allow us to carry more Shmuel Kunda products in the future, such as books DVD's and even illustrations! So give this new site a try and enjoy a Rabbi Shmuel Kunda Album today!